Friday, April 13, 2012

Legitimate ways to make money online

If you enjoy writing as a hobby or maybe have a blog or website that has a decent following, you could make some extra cash by selling an eBook.  It doesn't have to be the next great novel, the beauty of eBooks is that they cost very little or nothing to make.  There are no printing costs so the initial investment is really just your time.  So, you can sell them at a very low price and still make money.

Photography can be more than just a hobby, it can be a source of extra income.  With a fairly decent digital camera and a good eye for composition, you could start making money with your website or hosted blog.  Show your customers what they are getting by posting a small, low-resolution sample or a watermarked version of your photograph.  Then, you can sell a license to use the photo with a copy of the high-resolution image in compressed form.

For the musician or sound designer, make a few extra bucks selling individual tracks or sounds online. Make more money by putting together a complete library of sounds or an entire album.  You could even make an image file that your fans can print up to put in a CD case when they burn the CD.

If video is more your style, you could set up shop selling full-length versions of smaller clips that you post on YouTube.  Or, maybe you have a video tutorial series that you could feature on your website and sell as a downloads.

Enjoy making websites?  Fire up Dreamweaver or Expression Web and make some website or Wordpress templates to sell. Sites like are charging between $60 and $4,000 dollars for a template depending on the license that the buyer chooses.

No matter what your hobby is, with little more than a PayPal account and a digital goods delivery script, you could start earning some extra cash selling virtual products online.

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  1. Right. Thanks for the tips. As for the writing stuff, you can showcase your knowledge to a rapidly-growing worldwide audience. You can write about anything you want. They will let you know of specific topics they are paying for, but if you provide good quality content they will look at almost anything.