Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How do I flirt

This may sound like a silly question but how can I flirt with a guy without being too obvious?
~ Carol

Flirting with a guy is very simple. All you need to do is play to his ego, show him that he is doing a good job. Laugh at his jokes, men like to know that they can make a woman laugh, smile and be happy, let him know that he has your attention.

Make physical contact, not too much, just enough to let him know that it's acceptable. Gently touch his arm or his hand when you speak to him. This should break the barrier of touch and make the conversation a little more intimate.

Make eye contact. Let him know that you have your eyes on him, not someone else. This is a fuzzy area because you don't want to stare but you don't want to NOT look at him either. You can also do the “look away” trick. Look at him until he notices then look away and smile like you just got caught checking him out.

Relax, this should be fun. If you enjoy this it will show and you will smile and be happy. It's easier to simply relax and enjoy the moments than to fake it.

I am not suggesting that you should act differently in order to get a mans attention. It's important that you be yourself to find someone who will like you for who you are. So, think of these tips as a way of letting the real you get noticed. Don't do anything that you aren't comfortable with, it could lead to a situation that only becomes more uncomfortable.
For example, you wouldn't want to learn a few jokes to get a mans attention and have him introduce you to a room full of his friends saying, "I'd like you to meet Carol, she's really funny" if you actually aren't.


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  2. And you also wouldn't want to laugh at a man's jokes to play to his ego if they WEREN'T FUNNY, right? Because you'd be creating a monster--you could end up with a guy who told annoying jokes all the time because you'd led him to believe that he was funny. When "playing to his ego", it's probably best to stick to things you actually appreciate about him.